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Delicious keto and paleo recipes

I’m not a great chef and I don’t enjoy spending hours in the kitchen to prepare a meal. To me, food is fuel — first and foremost. But that doesn’t mean it can’t taste good. On this page, I share with you delicious keto and paleo recipes you can prepare in minutes.

Keto Brownies Recipe

Keto Brownies (using Kiss My Keto Baking Mix)

For this simple keto brownie recipe, I’m using a baking mix from Kiss My Keto. Besides the baking mix, all you need is butter and two large eggs. As a result, this delicious yet low-carb dessert takes only minutes to prepare.

Nomad Base Station – Apple Watch Edition Review

Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition Review

The Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition is an advanced wireless charging dock that can wirelessly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods (or AirPods Pro) at the same time. Additionally, it features USB-A and 18W USB-C port with Power Delivery (PD) to charge additional devices, such as an iPad.

Keto Bread Rolls

keto bread rolls recipe

My favorite keto bread recipe that takes only five minutes to prepare (plus an hour in the oven). The finished dinner rolls are low in carbs, paleo friendly and they taste like real bread.

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[Fit In 40 Seconds]
[Fit In 40 Seconds]