Review of Oomphies – Durable shoes for kids

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2020

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A few months ago, our preemie Lucas started walking, and my wife and I were looking for durable shoes for him. We stumbled across an ad from Oomphies, a brand we had never heard of before, on my Instagram timeline. Their footwear looked appealing, and so I reached out to them and asked for a few pairs we could try. We wanted to find out how durable, comfortable and practical Oomphies were. It has been a couple of weeks since the kids started wearing their Oomphies, and here is my review.*

Quality and durability

Oomphies sent us a couple of pairs of shoes our kids could try. All of them seem to be very well made. Despite the “abuse” kids shoes often have to endure, they have held up as well as you would expect. I can’t say whether or not they’ll fall apart in six months (if they still fit then), but right now it doesn’t look like as if they would. I will certainly update this review if and when they do! So check back from time to time.

Lucas fearlessly climbing with his new tennis shoes
Lucas fearlessly climbing with his new tennis shoes


Isabella, our four-year-old loves her Oomphies and hasn’t complained about the comfort or any pressure points. Lucas is too young to talk, but if he doesn’t like something, he usually expresses it in other ways we would notice. Considering that he hasn’t, I can only assume that his Oomphies are comfortable to wear, even if worn all day.


By practicability, I mainly refer to how easy it is to take the shoes on an off. Isabella can put on most of her shoes. So when we buy new shoes for her, we make sure that she can accomplish that task without our help. Lucas still needs our assistance, but usually, doesn’t like to sit still for more than a few seconds. As a result, we try to pick shoes that slip on and off easily.

Regarding practicality, we only struggled with the Dynamo and Robin tennis shoes that didn’t have a loop on the back and thus made putting them on more challenging than it should be, especially if they “just fit” and there isn’t much wiggle room. All the others either came with a loop or were designed in a way to make it easy to slip them on.

My recommendation is to look for shoes with a loop or an elastic stretch lace to make putting them on more convenient for you and your little one. The Sunny Boys Grey Athletic Shoe we got for Lucas offered both, and it is one of our favorites.

Review of Oomphies - Durable shoes for kids
Isabella didn’t want to be in this shot but agreed to show off her sneakers

Oomphies we tried

For Lucas we got the following Oomphies:

  • Sunny Boys Grey Athletic Shoe
  • Dynamo Boys Classic Black Tennis Shoe
  • Robin Boys No Lace Camo Tennis Shoe

For Isabella we got these:

  • Sam Girls Elastic Stretch Lace Multi High-Top Shoe
  • Madison Slip-On – They were a little too big and so she couldn’t try them yet


Oomphies also sent me three pairs of shoes as giveaways. So if you are interested in any of the following shoes and sizes, send me an email! The shoes are given out on a first-come-first-serve basis!

Review of Oomphies - Durable shoes for kids
Oomphies giveaway!
  • Sunny Boys Grey Athletic Shoe – Size 3Y
  • Dynamo Boys Classic Black Tennis Shoe – Size 4Y
  • Robin Boys No Lace Camo Tennis Shoe – Size 3Y

Update: All three pairs are gone and have found new owners!

Our verdict

Both Kathy and I like Oomphies and their balanced approach to quality, style, and value. We love how they look and how well-made they are. From a pricing perspective, Oomphies cost between $15-30 per pair. Considering the quality of the product, we think it’s a reasonable price, and we feel comfortable recommending Oomphies to other parents.

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  1. My name is Dorcas, I run an online thrift store (@happytots_kidsthrift) for kids (footwear majorly). I sold a few pairs of oophies shoes and the feedback from my customers have been amazing. It’s over 6 months since the shoes were purchased and they are still in good condition despite being worn almost daily and I still got a request for another pair in different sizes by one of them which I hope to get soon. I wish I could post the review but I don’t see an option to attach a file.

    • Hi Dorcas,

      Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it and I’m glad you’ve received positive feedback for those shoes. Unfortunately, my commenting system doesn’t allow for uploads.


  2. This was very helpful.I just ordered my 2 year old daughter a pair of their sneakers.They were one of a few kinds that had a style without velco or laces.


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