Bedtime tips when the toddler and baby share a room

Bedtime tips when the toddler and baby share a room

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Both my wife and I grew up sharing a room with our siblings. Sharing with siblings isn’t always fun, but it provides valuable lessons for life. We want our kids to understand early in life what it means to share. And once Lucas turned six months and started sleeping 12 hours at night, we moved his crib into Isabella’s room. Are you considering letting your toddler and baby share a room? In this article, I will share bedtime tips that have worked for us.

A toddler and an infant

Isabella, our 3-year-old toddler, has had her room since she was born. We usually start her bedtime routine at 6 pm and by 6:45 pm she is in bed, looking at books and pretend-reading stories to her teddy bear. She usually falls asleep within an hour or less and turns off the light herself, or we do it for her.

Lucas, our almost 7-months-old preemie, goes to bed and falls asleep before her. That wasn’t a problem while they each had their room. But when we put them both in the same room, we didn’t want Isabella to wake up her little brother.

They woke each other up

For the first couple of days, we put them both to bed at the same time and let Isabella “read” her books. That didn’t work as both kept each other up, or they woke each other up if one happened to fall asleep first. We were about to give up but then my in-laws came to visit us, and we needed the guest room.

Bedtime tips when the toddler and baby share a room