Apple Technology

I grew up using Windows and Linux, but about a decade ago I made the switch to Mac and have never looked back. I own almost every product Apple sells, and I share my experience, reviews, lessons learned and troubleshooting tips on this blog.


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The 27 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in 2019
Here is a list of the best productivity apps for Mac users, based on my personal experience. Since I continuously[...]
iMac Pro Review and Comparison to the 5K iMac – Upgrade Guide
iMac Pro review and comparison with the 2017 5K iMac and Late 2014 BTO 5K iMac I own to help you decide if the new iMac Pro is worth the investment.
Burkley Leather MacBook Pro Case Review
Review of the excellent Leather MacBook Pro Case from Burkley. Hand-crafted from full-grain leather it only weighs 6oz and is easy to take on and off.
Mac Not Going To Sleep? This Might Fix It!
For the past few months, I have struggled with an issue that would prevent both my iMac and MacBook Pro[...]
BlvckbyDesign – Matte Black MacBook Pro Case Review
I have never used a case for my MacBooks until BlvckbyDesign reached out to me and asked if I wanted[...]
Yohann MacBook Pro Stand Review
Yohann makes a versatile and beautifully crafted MacBook Pro stand that has become one of my favorite accessories. Before cloud[...]


AirPlay Mirroring Slow? None of the “Fixes” Work?
If you are having issues streaming videos via AirPlay to your Apple TV and none of the other fixes have worked, I might have a solution for you.
The Fastest Way To Charge An iPhone (And Android)
Despite the proliferation of wireless charging technology, you've probably realized by now that wireless charging is slower than using a[...]
Top 7 Genuine Leather Cases for iPhone Xs
The iPhone Xs looks arguably best without a case. Unfortunately, its glass body makes it slippery and increases the risk[...]
Top 3 Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone Xs
Folio or wallet cases feature slots and sleeves for credit cards and paper money. As a result, they can replace[...]
Wooden iPhone & Apple Watch Charging Stand by Yohann
Yohann, a Swiss manufacturer of premium stands and docks for Apple devices, has released a beautifully crafted wooden iPhone &[...]
iPhone Xs vs. iPhone X – Full Comparison of All Models
On 9/12 Apple announced its 2018 iPhone lineup, including the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr. If you[...]

Apple Watch

WHOOP Strap 3.0 Hands-on Review
Hands-on review of the WHOOP Strap 3.0 from the perspective of an amateur CrossFit athlete, and a comparison with the Apple Watch Series 4.
JORD Wooden Apple Watch Band Review
I have reviewed a lot of Apple Watch Bands in the past, but I never tried one made out of[...]
Wooden iPhone & Apple Watch Charging Stand by Yohann
Yohann, a Swiss manufacturer of premium stands and docks for Apple devices, has released a beautifully crafted wooden iPhone &[...]
Apple Watch Series 3 vs. Series 4 – Should You Upgrade?
Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Series 3 - Everything you need to know about how both models compare and what the better value is.
Apple Watch Leather Cuff and Band Review
One of the benefits of the Apple Watch is that you can change its appearance by swapping out the watch[...]
Apple Watch Sport Bands Review and third-party alternatives
The Apple Watch is an excellent fitness tracker and workout companion, and for this article, I have reviewed some of[...]


ZAGG Slim Book Keyboard For The iPad Pro Review
The ZAGG Slim Book is the best keyboard for the iPad Pro I have tested. In this article, I compare[...]
How to Install Fonts on iPhone or iPad using iFont
Have you ever noticed that "missing font" warning when you opened a document or spreadsheet on your iOS device that[...]
Grammarly Review – Advanced Grammar and Spell Checker
Grammarly is an advanced grammar and spell checker for iOS and Mac. It helps me write better copy at work[...]
iPad Pro vs. 12-inch MacBook
I finally decided to buy an iPad Pro and see if it can replace my 12-inch MacBook for meetings outside of[...]
Yohann iPad Stand Review
Yohann is the best, most innovative, and most beautiful iPad stand I have ever had. Yohann was designed in Switzerland[...]