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Do we need Vitamin and Mineral Supplements?

The human body requires vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. That’s why humans evolved on a diet that supplies those essential micronutrients. Yet, 68% of Americans take vitamin supplements. Arguably, because they think multivitamin supplements have health benefits or reduce the risk of illnesses, such as heart disease. Additionally, some people believe that they can’t […]

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Best Natural Pre-workout Supplements Review

Best Natural Pre-workout Supplements Review

Pre-workout supplements can boost your performance and endurance during intensive workouts. Unfortunately, the sports nutrition and supplement market are flooded by cheap, unhealthy and ineffective products and many consumers lack the expertise to identify supplements that actually work. For this review, I have analyzed and tested the best natural pre-workout supplements that contain only ingredients that have […]

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Microbiome - The Connection Between Diet, Disease, and Your Gut

Microbiome: The Connection Between Diet, Disease, and Your Gut

Did you know there’s a direct connection between the bacteria that live in your gut, your lifestyle, and your risk of developing chronic diseases? Lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise can change the makeup of your gut’s microbiome. Understanding the relationship between these variables and the bacterial composition of your intestines can help you […]

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Nootropics - Cognitive Enhancers

Best Nootropics 2019 – Ultimate Guide to Cognitive Enhancers

When we place our minds over our matter, we achieve the impossible. Yet, this doesn’t erase the humbling fact that the mind is contained by the brain, which, yes, is literally “matter.” In fact, the brain is a complex network of matter that our minds frantically struggle to grasp yet will ultimately fail to master. […]

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Legumes provide low nutritional value

What Are Antinutrients? – A Science-Based Review

Antinutrients are a controversial topic among the healthy-eating community, and particularly in the Paleo world. But what exactly are antinutrients? Why are they such a controversial topic? And are they bad for your health? In this article, we’ll explore the science behind those so-called enzyme inhibitors, and I’ll provide clear answers to the most common […]

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The Truth Behind Artificial Sweeteners

The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, such as Sucralose (Splenda) aren’t as healthy as you might have thought and can increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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Make the right choices, even when eating out

Healthy Eating – The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about Healthy Eating in one comprehensive article with links to additional information and scientific research.

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Ample vs. Bear - Keto Meal Shakes

Ample vs. Bear Keto Meal Replacement Comparison

In-depth comparison of Ample K vs. Bear Power Foods. Both are popular Keto Meal Replacement shakes that appear similar but have significant differences.

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Dietary fiber benefits myths and food list

Dietary Fiber Benefits, Myths And Food List

In this article, I tell you everything you need to know about dietary fiber, its benefits, myths, and how much fiber you need per day. I also talk about the risk of ingesting too much fiber; I give you a list of foods high in fiber and much more. In a nutshell, fiber is not […]

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Is Dairy Bad For You or Is Dairy Good For You?

Is Dairy Bad For You? What You Need To Know!

Milk and dairy products have become one of the most widely consumed foods worldwide. Breastmilk is often the first food we consume as infants, and many mothers start feeding their children with cow’s milk after the first year of age. But is dairy bad for you or do you need to drink milk and eat […]

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what to drink before during and after a workout

What to Drink Before, During and After a Workout

In the early days of professional sports, trainers and athletes didn’t know many of the things that modern science has uncovered. Recent scientific breakthroughs have taken bodybuilding, CrossFit and other sports to the next level. Even casual athletes can easily gain energy, strength, and muscle mass. All you need is discipline and an understanding of […]

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benefits of intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting – Benefits And How To Make It A Lifestyle

Intermittent fasting is easy to implement, yet it’s an incredibly powerful method to improve your overall well-being and to lose weight. Specifically, an intermittent fasting diet has the following scientifically proven benefits: Improves body composition in athletes, Normalizes your blood sugar/lipid levels, Reduces blood pressure, Improves insulin resistance, Prevents neuronal death, Enhances your immune function. My […]

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pre-workout ingredients

Pre-Workout Ingredients – What You Need to Know

How do pre-workout supplements work and what benefits do they add to your exercise routine? Do they really help you boost your performance in the gym, build strength, and facilitate post-workout recovery? To answer these questions, we need to analyze the key ingredients found in popular pre-workout supplements and look for scientific evidence to back […]

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Ample Meal Replacement Drink

Ample Meal Review and Discount Code

I have used Ample Meal since May of 2017 and it was time to document my experience. So here is my review.

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8 Healthy Foods to Eat Before and After Exercise@2x

8 Healthy Foods to Eat Before and After Exercise

If you’re not taking care of your diet, then you won’t be getting the most from your body during exercise. Many people think that as long as they hit their 3-4 workouts each week regularly, then they can eat whatever they want. However, your diet doesn’t just affect how you look, but how you feel […]

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Keto Meal Replacements Shakes

Top 10 Keto Meal Replacements Shakes

Review of the top 10 Keto Meal Replacement Shakes and Drinks, featuring Ample K, Bear Power Foods, Ketond, Super Body Fuel, Ketologie and more.

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Paleo vs. Keto Diet: Which one is the best?

Paleo Vs. Keto Diet: Which One Is The Best?

Over the past few weeks, several of my CrossFit friends have asked me if I was on the Keto diet. I usually respond with explaining that I’m on a Ketogenic Paleolithic diet. That gave me the idea of writing an article comparing the Paleo vs. Keto diet and busting some of the myths surrounding both […]

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review of best protein powders

Best Protein Powder Review: Whey, Vegan & More

To find the best protein powder, I have reviewed a variety of natural supplements including Whey protein as well as vegan protein powder. The animal-based protein in this review covers Whey, Casein, Egg, and Beef. The plant-based products include Pea Protein Powder and Rice Protein Powder. Best Protein Powder Overview Given the size of the two […]

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Meal Replacement Drinks Review

Meal Replacement Drinks Review

Review of 12 healthy and unhealthy meal replacement drinks, including my favorite products Ample Meal and Super Body Fuel.

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Barehand Gloves vs Bear KompleX CrossFit gloves new

Barehand Gloves vs. Bear KompleX – Workout Gloves Comparison

I do CrossFit and continuously build up hand calluses when lifting weights. During high-rep bodyweight exercises, such as pull-ups or toes-to-bar those calluses increase the risk of blisters and skin tears and I end up with ripped hands that take days to heal and make showers an unpleasant experience. To reduce the chance of callus formation and […]

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Discount codes for my favorite products and services

Discount Codes

Below is a list of discount codes and rebate links to some of my favorite products and services that I have reviewed on this blog. Technology Product Discount Backblaze Cloud backup 1 month off Discount Link BlvckbyDesign iPhone and MacBook Cases 20% off Kummer2018 BlitzWolf BW-P6 Power Bank 15% off 15BWP6 JORD Wood Watches and […]

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Nutritional value of Pastured eggs vs Regular eggs

Regular vs. Pastured Eggs – What You Need to Know!

Eggs are a staple in our household. We eat eggs daily. And we eat a lot of them—up to four dozen every week, in fact. But have you noticed how many different types of eggs there are? I had, and I was wondering if there was a difference in nutritional value between pastured vs regular […]

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Secret to sleep

How To Sleep Better And Fall Asleep Quicker

For many people, sleep is a necessary evil. Something that takes time away from other things they could be doing. In this article, I will share with you how you can use sleep to your advantage, how to sleep better and avoid sleep debt by taking care of your sleep hygiene. The Importance Of Sleep Sleep […]

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Challenges of raising a premature baby - NICU to one year

Challenges of raising a premature baby (preemie) – NICU to one-year

In this article, I would like to share some of the challenges of raising a premature baby (preemie) as we experienced them with our little boy. I hope that it may help other parents who have a premature baby to worry a little less. Lucas was born prematurely nine months ago at Northside Hospital at […]

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Nipple confusion - How we got our baby back on the breast

Nipple confusion – How we got our baby back on the breast

Breastfeeding is hard work, for both baby and mom, and by far not as easy as most people think. Add issues, such as nipple confusion, to the equation, and you have a recipe for frustration. In this article, I will share the nipple confusion issues we had with our baby girl and how we got […]

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The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet – A Beginner’s Guide

What is the Paleo Diet? Why are you on the Paleo Diet? Is there scientific evidence that supports the Paleo Diet? And what should I eat? These are some of the question friends, family or even strangers have asked me. In this article, I’ll try to answer them all and more. Consider the following paragraphs […]

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