Paleo – 7 Healthy snack ideas for movie night

Paleo - 7 Healthy snack ideas for movie night

Snacking is a term usually associated with unhealthy food. But even if you google for healthy snacks the results are usually anything but healthy. In this article, I will share with you seven healthy snack ideas for a movie night that are not only healthy but Paleo-compatible. Related content: Beginners Guide: What is the Paleo Diet … Read more

Why Red Meat Isn’t Bad [Top 10 Myths Busted]

Red Meat and Cancer - What's the Risk?

Red meat has developed a bad reputation over the years, with many health-conscious people limiting their intake of animal protein. Some have even removed meat from their diet entirely.  But the latest scientific evidence (paired with what we know from millions of years of evolution) suggests that avoiding meat — and especially red meat — … Read more