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The Best Leather Bands for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Leather Cuff and Band Review

One of the benefits of the Apple Watch is that you can change its appearance by swapping out the watch band. Apple-branded leather bands are relatively expensive but, these days, there are numerous third-party manufacturers producing premium Apple Watch leather cuffs. I have reviewed the top seven brands and their Apple Watch leather straps. Reviewed […]

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Discount codes for my favorite products and services

Discount Codes

Below is a list of discount codes and rebate links to some of my favorite products and services that I have reviewed on this blog. Technology Product Discount Backblaze Cloud backup 1 month off Discount Link BlvckbyDesign iPhone and MacBook Cases 20% off Kummer2018 BlitzWolf BW-P6 Power Bank 15% off 15BWP6 JORD Wood Watches and […]

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The three pillars of an active and healthy lifestyle

The Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle

What does it take to live a healthy life? While there are many factors that influence your life, in this article, I explore the three main ingredients of a healthy lifestyle: Diet, Exercise, and Sleep.  to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, why you should be working out every day and the […]

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Review of the best Apple Watch Bands for Working Out

Apple Watch Sport Bands Review and third-party alternatives

The Apple Watch is an excellent fitness tracker and workout companion, and for this article, I have reviewed some of the best Apple Watch Sport bands for working out, including my favorite watch bands from Apple, Meridio, Monowear, Nomad, and Twelve South. I have been a satisfied Apple Watch owner since I bought one in […]

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Apple Watch Series 3 - How to fix the authentication error on T-Mobile

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE – How to fix the authentication error on T-Mobile

I purchased my new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE on launch day, but couldn’t activate LTE on it because of an authentication error. After ten days of back and forth with T-Mobile support, I figured out a solution. In this article, I will tell you how to fix the activation error and enable LTE […]

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