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Taxes for expats - How to handle taxes while living abroad

Taxes for Expats Review – How to file while living abroad

Did you know that all US citizens and holders of permanent resident cards (Green cards) have to file US taxes on their worldwide income? In this article, sponsored by Taxes for Expats (TFX), I’ll take a closer look at expat tax rules and how domestic tax experts, such as TFX, can make the filing process […]

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How to start a blog with WordPress - Beginners Guide

How to start a blog with WordPress – Beginners Guide

If you are new to blogging and would like to learn how to get started with a blog, then continue reading! This beginners guide explains how to start a blog with WordPress, what plugins you should install, and more. I started blogging in 2012 and knew little about it. As a result, I made many mistakes […]

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CUJO - smart home firewall

How to protect your home network from hackers with CUJO

In this article, I will show you tips and tricks on how to protect your home network and connected devices from hackers. So you don’t become the victim of a cyber attack. I will also introduce you to CUJO, a smart home firewall for your entire home network. Reviewed Brands and Products CUJO Smart Firewall […]

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Protect investment property

How to protect real estate investment property

In this post, I’ll share my strategy on how to protect a real estate investment property. Ever since I started investing in real estate, more specifically residential rental properties, I was looking for ways to reduce risk and to protect myself for when something goes wrong. In the US, anyone can sue anyone for any […]

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Mac tips: How to backup important data and prevent data loss

How to back up data on a Mac

Maintaining regular backups of your most important data is critical because, without it, you will suffer a data loss at some point. So in this article, I will share Mac tips about how to backup sensitive data to prevent data loss using a layered approach. Shop mentioned products LaCie 5big RAID (Amazon) Corning optical Thunderbolt cable […]

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