How to Recover From a Workout Faster

How To Recover From A Workout Faster

A tough workout adds stress to your body and causes muscle tissue to break down. In other words, working out hard makes you weaker — at least, temporarily. It’s what’s you do before and after a workout that determines if your body can repair the inflicted damage and come out stronger on the other side. That’s called supercompensation and it’s a key factor in muscle recovery.

DNA Testing for Health and Fitness – Is it Worth It?

DNA Testing for Health and Fitness - Is It Worth It?

From a genetic perspective, every human is different. So it seems plausible that a diet or exercise regimen that works for someone else might not work for you. DNA Testing kits promise to unlock your genetic code and help you find out what works for you.

So I’ve done extensive research and took four tests to find out if the findings match my health and fitness.

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Running this blog is a team effort and it wouldn’t be possible without all the talented people who help me with writing new content, editing my posts, reviewing my articles for medical accuracy and promoting the blog on social media. Here are some of the key players who help me run my blog, including yours …

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Why Your Gut Bacteria Hold The Key to Your Health

Microbiome - The Connection Between Diet, Disease, and Your Gut

Did you know that most of the cells in your body aren’t human? Your body consists of about 37 trillion cells. In comparison, there are around 100 trillion microbes living in and on your body, creating a complex ecosystem called a microbiota that holds the key to your health and well-being. What’s more, approximately 70% …

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Is Dairy Bad for You? What You Need to Know!

Lactose Intolerance can cause GI issues

Milk products and dairy products have become among the most widely-consumed foods worldwide. Breast milk is often the first food we consume as infants, and many mothers start feeding their children cows’ milk after the first year of age. But is dairy bad for you, or do you need to drink milk and eat cheese …

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What to Drink Before, During and After a Workout

what to drink before during and after a workout

In the early days of professional sports, trainers and athletes didn’t know many of the things that modern science has uncovered. Recent scientific breakthroughs have taken bodybuilding, CrossFit and other sports to the next level. Even casual athletes can easily gain energy, strength, and muscle mass. All you need is discipline and an understanding of …

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Spinal Manipulation – Does It Work And Is It Safe?

Chiropractic - Does Spinal Manipulation Work?

Spinal manipulation is a popular treatment in chiropractic care. Proponents of spinal manipulation claim that it can heal not only lower back pain, but also improve your overall well-being. Since I do CrossFit and continuously suffer from minor injuries and pain, I wanted to find scientific evidence and answers to the question: “Does spinal manipulation …

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