Horse Shoe - an Austrian wall decoration

Things around the house


Spices, Wine, Oil and Kitchen Knives

Famous wildlife photographer Moose Peterson recently wrote on his blog:

There are many barriers to our taking photographs and I think the biggest one is ourselves! The one excuse that drives me nuts why we “can’t” that I hear a lot and I mean, a lot is, “It’s expensive, I don’t have any money!” My question is, “Who does?”

Don’t set yourself up for failure (a phrase one of my favorite firearms instructors and former special forces soldier Dave Harrington used to say a lot) by thinking you can’t take great pictures, because you may not have pro equipment or can’t afford going to fancy places. Like Moose said, if you’re reading this, you’re probably into photography and own some sort of camera 🙂

After I had read his article I thought, you know what – you don’t even have to step outside of your home to take some interesting pictures. There is plenty of stuff inside to take pictures of, especially on weekends like the last one, when it poured rain like there is no tomorrow.

Our cat "Schnitzel"

So I grabbed my camera, tripod and cable release to take a closer look at regular household items that could look interesting when shot close-up or, in HDR or both. Of course my assistant, who I didn’t ask for help, was following closely (instead of helping).

Below are a couple of shots I took around the house – most of the subjects you’ll be able to recognize, some of them you may not…

Collection of spirits

Some of the spirits you can enjoy next time you pay us a visit!

Japanese Tea set

Even though I went to Japan twice in the last couple of weeks, this import tea set we actually picked up at a local tea shop.

Arabic coffee cups from Dubai

I brought this coffee set back from my last trip to Qatar. Since my flight got delayed I had to fly back via Dubai International and squeezed some shopping in 🙂

Accent Chest

I really like the colors of this drawer we picked up at Rooms to Go.

Home Theater System and Wireless Speaker Module

We don’t have cable, since I can’t stand commercials, but all the Apple TV, Netflix and Blu-Ray fun goes through this device.

Towel Holder featuring a towel from Austria

This was the very first thing I wanted to take a picture of, after I decided to shoot some stuff around the house.

Close-up of kitchen towels
Some of my wife's bling-bling

If you look closely, you can actually see my reflection in the charm 🙂

Our fireplace

This is a shot of our fireplace. I’m sure it would look better with some real fire but it was too hot to fire it up. I’ll take another shot next winter!

Horse Shoe - an Austrian Tradition

The horse shoe above we got from my grandparents. It’s an Austrian tradition to use one as wall decoration.

You don’t need fancy gear or go to fancy places to take interesting photographs. The pictures above show everyday items from an angle you may not have seen before. If nothing more they look interesting – at least to me 😉


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